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Important Notice to ACIRT Members About Enterprise Agreement Changes

Some ACIRT members are being asked to ratify new enterprise agreement that means
future redundancy payments will be made to another fund based in Victoria, INCOLINK

ACIRT has been around for 30 years and continues to provide benefits not available from
INCOLINK. ACIRT will remain a strong force for redundancy benefit protection.

ACIRT has a strong history of paying yearly distributions. In the last ten years alone we have
paid out almost $200m in distributions. INCOLINK never paid a distribution.

If your new enterprise agreement results in future employer contributions being made to
INCOLINK, you can keep your current balance in ACIRT to receive any future distribution
payments. Future contributions from your employer can be sent to INCOLINK or some other
fund under your enterprise agreement. Retaining your existing funds in ACIRT allows you
to benefit from any future distribution payments from ACIRT.