Protection for when you’re out of work

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Protection for when you’re out of work

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Never miss an ACIRT payment

As long as all your details are up-to-date, you’ll never miss an ACIRT payment if you’re made redundant. So if you’ve changed your job, name, address, email or banks recently, update your details today. Then your ACIRT safety net will always find you.

Update my details

What is ACIRT?

ACIRT stands for Australian Construction Industry Redundancy Trust. It was established in 1994 to create a safety net for workers in the construction industry who lose their jobs. Every payday, employers are required to pay money into an employee’s ACIRT account as agreed under various industrial awards and enterprise agreements. Then if a member is made redundant, ACIRT will pay an entitlement to them calculated on a weekly basis, and paid monthly in arrears. Put simply, we’re there for you when times are tough.

Making a claim

All you need to do is fill out a Claim Form or log in via the member’s portal.

Make a contribution

To make a contribution into one of your employee’s redundancy accounts, log in to your account.