To ensure we’re always held accountable and operate the Trust to the highest possible standards, we engage a team of external experts.

ACIRT does not hold any direct investments. Therefore, all investments are managed by independent professional investment managers who manage these assets on behalf of the Trustee.

All managers’ performance is monitored quarterly by the ACIRT appointed independent investment adviser. Please contact the Fund if you want any further details on the current investment manager line up.

The primary investment objective as stated in the formal Investment Policy Statement is to preserve the value of member’s accumulated benefits. As a result, ACIRT has a very conservative portfolio with the typical asset mix 65% invested in cash & fixed interest and 35% in shares or other growth assets.

The Trustee Board of Directors make a decision every year on the amount (if any) it will distribute to members. This decision is made after a consideration of the financial performance for the year and advice from its external financial consultants. Since 2016, any distributions have been paid in November.

The Trustee has appointed the following:

Administrator – Australian Administration Services P/L, Rhodes
Auditor – Ernst & Young, Sydney
Legal – Sparke Helmore
Investment Adviser – Mercer Investment Consulting, Sydney