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Over 6,000 downloads in the first 4 days!

Members are loving the new ACIRT app

When we set out to develop a member app, our main goal was to make it easy to use. And that’s overwhelmingly what I’ve been hearing back from members who’ve approached me onsite.

We spent a lot of time asking members what they wanted, so that when we designed it, we got it right. There’s no complicated menu to navigate – only the functionality members want, in priority order, with lots of shortcuts to take members exactly where they want to go. Perfect for members who aren’t too technologically savvy.

And depending on what phone you have, there’s a choice of security measures to keep your data safe. FaceID and TouchID maintain your safety behind your unique face and fingerprints. Plus, once you’ve set it up, you don’t need to use a password again!

A small number of members have had some difficulty logging into the app, however after talking to us, the issues have been easily resolved. For instance, some members forgot they registered for ‘online access’ with us years ago and have forgotten their password. It’s this password you need to access the ACIRT app, so simply reset your password and try again.

Other things to consider are: have you got more than one account with ACIRT? Has your name changed, or did you previously use a different surname? Is your name misspelt? If you’ve moved recently, try entering your previous postcode. Making sure all your details are up-to-date is a good way to ensure a smooth login. Then once you’re in, we recommend setting up ‘Quick View’ to check basic information at a glance. It’s just another way the ACIRT app is helping members keep on top of their payments and making their lives easier.

Benefits of the new ACIRT app

SECURE LOGIN with Touch ID or Face ID
CHECK PAYMENTS and contributions quickly
MAKE A CLAIM wherever you are
UPDATE YOUR DETAILS as they change
CHECK YOUR BALANCE at home or onsite

Simply download the free ACIRT app from the Apple or Android stores, set it up, then you’re right to go.