ACIRT Governance

ACIRT is governed by a trust deed which established the Fund in 1994. A copy of the consolidated trust deed (which includes the original trust deed and all amendments) is under the "the Trust" Tab.

The trustee of the Fund is ACIRT Pty Limited. It has a board of Directors with a maximum of 14 persons, with equal Trade Union and Employer representation. The operations of the trustee company are governed by its Constitution.

The Board is responsible for setting the overall strategy for the Fund and ensuring it is operating in accordance with the Trust Deed and all applicable laws.

The Board meets every second month and receives and reviews reports from its service providers, such as the Administrator (AAS) and investment advisers. Where necessary, the Board calls upon specialist advice from advisors, such as solicitors and accountants.

The Board also receives a report most months from the General Manager.

The Board operates under a Board Charter which, amongst other things, defines the roles and responsibilities of Directors.

The Board has appointed an Investment Committee and a Risk, Audit and Compliance Committee to allow it to oversee the operations of the Fund in greater detail.