How to Claim Your Benefit

The trust deed specifies under what conditions you can be paid your benefit (your Condition of Release)

You are entitled to payment of the amount standing to the Member Account of the Member where:

  1. Your claim for payment is made within twelve (12) months of being made Redundant; or
  2. If you leave the industry.

"Redundancy" or "Redundant" means the termination or cessation of employment of a Member for any reason.

Leaving the Industry means ceasing employment:

  1. with an Employer that has paid contributions to the Fund; or
  2. with any employer in the Construction Industry,

and having no intention to become employed by another Employer.

When you claim your benefit, you will be asked to confirm on what basis you are claiming your benefit.

We try to make the process of claiming your benefit as easy as possible.

All you need to do is fill out a Claim FormOpens in new window and provide the information requested in that form or Claim using our Member Online facility. You will need to provide some confirmation of your identity such as a photocopy of a Government issued Photo ID document, as well as confirmation from your employer that you have terminated employment.

If you don’t provide a copy of bank statement of an account in your name, we will send you out a cheque. If you don’t provide your Tax File Number, we will have to deduct tax at the highest marginal rate.