Q. When can I claim my funds?

A member can claim his/her total benefits upon cessation of employment.

A member can claim a productivity payment if contributions have been paid into the fund prior to the 01/07/1999.

Q. Can I have my Annual Trust Distribution accumulated in my ACIRT account?

No as this will change ACIRT's current tax structure.

Q. Are my personal details kept private?

Yes, for further information you can view our Privacy PolicyOpens in new window on this web site.

Q. As an employer how do I join?

You are required to complete and execute a " Deed of AdherenceOpens in new window "
(see the employers guideOpens in new window within the Employer Info section).

Q. How do I become a member?

By completing a member applicationOpens in new window , or your employer supplying the administrator with your mandatory detail. An account in your name will be established by the administrator, where all contributions made by a participation employer are allocated.

Q. What fees do I pay?

No charges are deducted from members' accounts.

Q. How long does it take to process my claim form?

Claim processing time is 3 working days after all documentation has been received. Please allow another 24/48hrs for your bank to process the deposit.

Q. Can I fax my claim form?

Yes. The fax number is 1300 655 119

Q. How does a participating employer terminate?

The termination procedure is identified in the ACIRT Trust Deed (Clause 17.2). Essentially, a participating employer must give the Trustee 3 months written notice, pay contributions for these months together with any other arrears. Employers must also state in their letter that they have informed their employees of this termination.

Q. Does ACIRT pay a benefit under a "hardship clause"?

No, ACIRT can only pay the members benefit on termination of employment or to a beneficiary on death.