How We Invest the Fund

ACIRT is not a superannuation fund. ACIRT is here to secure your entitlements. ACIRT is also here to help you through financial hardship. We know how cyclical the construction industry is.

With this in mind, and with the help of external investment advisers, the trustees have developed an investment strategy to achieve two objectives.

The first objective is to preserve the capital of the fund. This is because the trustees know when you claim your benefit, you expect to receive the amount that was paid into your accounts by current and previous employers.

The second objective earn sufficient income to pay all the operating expenses of the trust.

If there is a surplus after payment of the operating expenses, the trustees will under most circumstances, distribute this surplus to members.

In addition to the two objectives, to ensure that we have sufficient cash to pay out claims, we aim to have at least 85% of the assets in what we call liquid assets – ie assets that can be sold and redeemed into cash within seven business days.

With these investment objectives in mind, the typical asset mix of the fund will be 65% invested in cash/fixed interest and 35% invested in growth assets.

Our asset allocation may change according to movements in the stock market or currencies.

ACIRT’s investments are managed on our behalf by professional investment managers. We have not listed these managers because we change them from time to time. If you want to know the names of the managers, they are listed (under the Service Providers Tab).

The trustees also employ the services of an external investment adviser to advise on investment issues such as the appointment and termination of investment managers and the appropriate asset allocation to meet the two investment objectives. The name of the investment adviser can also be found on the Service Providers Tab).