Funeral Benefit

Dependents, family members and other claimants of an “eligible deceased member” may be entitled to receive a funeral benefit.

An “eligible deceased member” is a member who has a positive account balance as at the date of their death and who has received an employer contribution within 26 weeks prior to death, or their account balance has reached the value of their redundancy entitlement as provided for under an Award, or Enterprise Bargaining Agreement.

The claimant must have paid or be liable to pay the funeral costs for of the eligible deceased member.

To receive the benefit, the applicant must swear a statutory declaration that he/she is suffering financial hardship for one of the following reasons:

  1. He/she is not in employment; or
  2. If in employment, however the income that is earned from that employment is insufficient to meet my normal living expenses and to also pay the funeral costs;
  3. The applicant does not have sufficient income from non employment sources when combined with any employment income to enable meet normal living costs and pay the funeral costs; or
  4. That the funeral costs are not recoverable under the relevant state workers compensation act, public liability or other insurance.